Shinji ARAMAKI 荒牧伸志

Appleseed: Ex Machina


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Following a war that killed half the world’s population, the city Olympus stands as a beacon of hope in a world of chaos. Deunan and her lover Briareos, a cyborg-soldier, are members of an elite special forces serving Olympus. The two fighters find their partnership tested by the arrival of a new member to their ranks – an experimental Bioroid named Tereus. At the same time, Olympus finds itself under a stealth attack by a mysterious cabal of scientists.

Appleseed saga ex machina

Japan 2007

105 minutes

About Shinji ARAMAKI

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1960, Shinji ARAMAKI started out in the animation sector as a mecha designer. In the 1980s he was given the chance to direct single episodes of anime series he was working on as a designer. His first feature film was the CGI­anime APPLESEED (2004) that was followed up in 2007 by the sequel APPLESEED EX MACHINA (NC '08), produced by John WOO. Together with Katsuhiro OTOMO and Mamoru ISHII, he is considered to be one of the leading Anime directors.

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