Junko WADA

Body Drop Asphalt

Nippon Digital   ½ 

Eri Manaka is young, charming and writes a romance novel out of boredom. This makes her the new star in the world of literature, idolized at parties and ensnared by the literary elite. When her own romances were less successful, she started the much more pessimistic follow-up novel - but the characters didn't quite agree with what Eri was telling them... BODY DROP ASPHALT deals with the problem with love affairs, the problem with storytelling and the problem with art with colorful wit and a lot of irony.
The fact that it remains entertaining without any problems is mainly due to Junko WADA's narrative candy-colored instinct.

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Body Drop Asphalt (NC 2002)

Japan 2000

96 minutes

Junko WADA

Junko WADA


About Junko WADA

Junko WADA was born in Aomori in 1973. Since 1993, she has distinguished herself with often award-winning experimental short films; BODY DROP ASPHALT is her first feature-length work.

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