Tomohisa TAGUCHI 田口智久

The Tunnel To Summer, The Exit Of Goodbyes


Nippon Animation   ³ 

Kaoru would sacrifice anything to see his deceased younger sister one last time. The rumor of a hidden tunnel that grants every wish lights a spark. But when Kaoru and his classmate Anzu find it, they experience that every wish has its price. Tomohisa TAGUCHI tells a melancholic coming-of-age story in enchanting pictures.

Natsu e no tonneru, sayonara no deguchi

Japan 2022

83 minutes

Tomohisa TAGUCHI

Tomohisa TAGUCHI based on a novel by Mei HACHIMOKU

Harumi FUKI

About Tomohisa TAGUCHI

Tomohisa TAGUCHI, born in Okayama Prefecture in 1985, graduated from Osaka Seikei University Faculty of Arts in 2007 and initially worked for Anime International Company. His directorial debut was the animation feature film PERSONA 3 THE MOVIE: NO. 2, MIDSUMMER KNIGHT’S DREAM (2014). Apart from two DIGIMON feature films (2020 and 2023), he also directed the anime series AKUDAMA DRIVE (2020) and BLEACH: THOUSAND-YEAR BLOOD WAR (2022).

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