Shojiro NISHIMI ⻄見祥示郎

PHOENIX: Reminiscence Of Flower

火の鳥 エデンの花

Nippon Animation   ³ 

Romi and George want to build a new life for themselves on the uninhabited planet Eden17. But first George dies in an accident, then Romi is transported to a distant future by a failed experiment. Shojiro NISHIMI takes an episode from Osamu TEZUKA’s unfinished manga “Phoenix” as the starting point to create a visually stunning science fiction epic.

火の鳥 エデンの花
HINOTORI eden no hana

Japan 2023

94 minutes


Katsunari MANO, Saku KONOHANA based on a manga by Osamu TEZUKA


About Shojiro NISHIMI

Shojiro NISHIMI, born in 1965, works at STUDIO4°C and has already been involved in the animation of internationally successful films such as MIND GAME (2004) and TEKKONKINKREET (2006 / NC ’07 / ’10 / ’23). Together with French director Guillaume RENARD, he directed his first feature film MUTAFUKAZ (2017 / NC ’18), which had its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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