Shimako SATO 佐藤嗣麻子

The Yin Yang Master Zero


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Japan during the Heian era: Seimei is one of the best students at his magic school. The nobleman Hiromasa seeks his help with a mysterious case, and together they face a dark conspiracy. This visually stunning adventure film has everything fantasy fans desire, from spectacular magic spells and fiery dragons, to exciting intrigue and fast-paced action.

Onmyoji 0

Japan 2024

113 minutes

Shimako SATO

Shimako SATO based on the novel series by Baku YUMEMAKURA

Akira SAKO

Naoki SATO

About Shimako SATO

Shimako SATO was born in Iwate Prefecture in 1964. She studied at Asagaya College of Art and Design and London International Film School. In 1992, she debuted as a film director with the British production TALE Of THE VAMPIRE. Her 1995 horror film WIZARD OF DARKNESS received an award at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. She wrote the script for SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (2010), directed by Takashi YAMAZAKI, among other films. Her action films UNFAIR THE ANSWER (2011) and UNFAIR 2: THE END (2015) were both box office hits in Japan.

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