Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI


Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI

Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI was born in Hokkaido Prefecture in 1974. He graduated from Osaka University of Arts with his controversial debut feature KICHIKU (1997), which subsequently became an international festival hit and was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival. Nippon Connection has already shown several of his films, including A VOLATILE WOMAN (2004 / NC ’06), MY MAN (2014 / NC ’15), and #MANHOLE (2023 / NC ’23). At the 2023 Shanghai International Film Festival, YOKO (2023 / NC ’24) received awards for best film, best leading actress, and best script.

Films shown at Nippon Connection

YOKO, Japan 2022 (Director) NC24
#Manhole, Japan 2023 (Director) NC23
My Man, Japan 2014 (Director) NC15
Summer's End, Japan 2013 (Director) NC14
Sketches Of Kaitan City, Japan 2010 (Director) NC11
Non-ko, Japan 2008 (Director) NC09
A Volatile Woman, Japan 2004 (Director) NC06
A Volatile Woman, Japan 2004 (Script) NC06
The Ravaged House: Zoroku's Disease, Japan 2004 (Director) NC05

Guest at Nippon Connection

My Man, NC15
Non-ko, NC09
Kaza-Hana, NC15

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