Kentaro HIRASE


Kentaro HIRASE

Masahiko SATO (b. 1954), Yutaro SEKI (b. 1987) and Kentaro HIRASE (b. 1986) met at Tokyo University Of The Arts and have been working together since 2012. Their first short film HAPPOEN (2014) was invited to the Cannes Film Festival short film competition. Since 2020, they have been active as the directors’ collective gogatsu. After several more internationally successful short films, they made their first feature film ROLELESS in 2022, which was screened in competition at the 2022 San Sebastian Film Festival.

Films shown at Nippon Connection

A Hundred Flowers, Japan 2022 (Script) NC23
Roleless, Japan 2022 (Director) NC23
Roleless, Japan 2022 (Script) NC23

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