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HELLDRIVER offers much more than outrageous splatter by one of the most talented creators in this genre. It’s more than a collection of anarchic fantasies of weird mutilation, although it still has plenty of both! Somewhere between Romero, Jackson and Troma, NISHIMURA manages to create a fresh and uniquely creative scenario that blows new life into the genre of zombie gore cinema.

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Helldriver (NC 2011)

About Yoshihiro NISHIMURA

Born in Tokyo in 1967, the exceptional talent Yoshihiro NISHIMURA taught himself the special effects craft and founded Nishio-Eizo, today one of the most sought-after effects forges in Japan. After numerous collaborations, including with Sion SONO, NISHIMURA created a milestone in splatter filmmaking in 2008 with his feature-length debut TOKYO GORE POLICE.

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