Nippon Visions   ½ 

Horror meets mockumentary meets J-pop! In SHIROME director Koji SHIRAISHI himself accompanies the Japanese girlie-popband Momoiro Clover on a trip to a haunted school. While they approach the evil spirit Shirome to beg for his blessing, the film gorgeously deconstructs every expectation towards the horror genre, makes fun of us and even of itself. Prepare to be tricked!


Koji SHIRAISHI (b. 1973) began filmmaking during his university years and focused on horror material early on. His film THE WIND SHALL BLOW won an award at the PIA Film Festival in 1999. Collaborations with Sogo ISHII and Shinobu YAGUCHI followed. In 2004, JU-REI: THE UNCANNY was well received by critics and audiences.

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