Hana MATSUMOTO, born in Osaka in 1998, started her film career in 2006 as an actress before making her first film as a director and writer in 2016 with DA DA DA DA SEVENTEEN. The film received the jury as well as the audience award at the 2016 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Besides working on films and as a photographer, she is also involved in TV productions, music videos and commercials.


明け方の若者たち, 日本 2021 (監督) NC22
友達, 日本 2013 (キャスト) NC14
ユートピアサウンズ, 日本 2012 (キャスト) NC13
サイドカーに犬, 日本 2007 (キャスト) NC08


The End Of The Pale Hour, NC22

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