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Independent Animated Shorts By Women

This year’s selection of animated shorts celebrates the careers of four independent women animators. Makiko SUKIKARA, Yoko YUKI, Lisa FUKAYA, and Sarina NIHEI each have their own unique aesthetic, which in all cases is quite different from the style popularized by mainstream Japanese animation. This program, curated by Dr. Catherine Munroe Hotes, gives manifold insights into a Japanese animation community that is actively engaged with the international animation scene.

Tue., June 09 2020,

Sun., June 14 2020,

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深海の虹深海の虹鋤柄真希子日本2019台詞なし11 Min.
カラスの涙カラスの涙鋤柄真希子日本2013台詞なし8 Min.
やまなしやまなし鋤柄真希子日本2011英語字幕9 Min.
清水煩悩「シャラボンボン」清水煩悩「シャラボンボン」幸洋子日本2019台詞なし2 Min.
夜になった雪のはなし夜になった雪のはなし幸洋子日本2018英語字幕6 Min.
電気 100%電気 100%幸洋子日本2016英語字幕15 Min.
MimiMimi深谷莉沙日本2018台詞なし4 Min.
Rabbit Tales深谷莉沙日本2016台詞なし3 Min.
Rabbit's Blood二瓶紗吏奈日本, 英国2017台詞なし5 Min.
Small People With Hats二瓶紗吏奈英国2014台詞なし7 Min.
Trifling Habits二瓶紗吏奈英国2013台詞なし3 Min.
LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP二瓶紗吏奈日本2012台詞なし3 Min.

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