Yoichi SAI

Blood And Bones

Nippon Cinema   ª 

In 1923, Korean Shun-pei Kim arrives in Osaka, but there’s only hardship waiting for him. Kim responds with brutality, exploiting the work force of his family. Running a fish factory, he finally acquires wealth, but doesn't stop terrorizing everyone around him.

日本 2004

144 分

Yoichi SAI

Yoichi SAI, Wi-Shing CHONG Sogiru YANの小説を基に

Tsuyoshi HAMADA


About Yoichi SAI

Yoichi SAI, born in Nagano in 1949, is considered one of the most important Japanese directors of the 1990s; in his great success ALL UNDER THE MOON he was one of the first to deal with the fate of the Korean minority living in Japan, to which he himself belongs.

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