Momoko ANDO


Nippon Visions   ½ 

After losing her job and apartment overnight, odd caretaker Sawa is stuck with nothing but her years of experience in taking care of elderly people. While strolling through the scenery of rural Japan, she gets to know with different characters and their stories, decides to stay with various elderly men and lives life by the rules of coincidence.

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0.5mm (NC 2015)


日本 2014

129 分

About Momoko ANDO

Momoko ANDO, graduate of the London Slade School of Fine Art and New York University, is no stranger to film: born in 1982 to actor­director Eiji OKUDA and essayist Kazu ANDO, she worked on films as her father’s assistant before making her debut work, the manga adaption KAKERA, in 2009.

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