Yukihiko TSUTSUMI 堤幸彦


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Yukihiko TSUTSUMI’s dystopic vision of Naoki URASAWA’s manga portrays Kenji, wannabe Rockstar, and his old school friends trying to save the world from a religious cult whose leader is only known as ’Friend’. As reality increasingly turns into the doomsday scenario Kenji and his friends imagined when they were kids, he realizes that only one thing can save the world: unwavering hope.

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About Yukihiko TSUTSUMI

Born in Nagoya in 1955, Yukihiko TSUTSUMI began his career doing commercials and music videos for NTV. After making his feature film debut with SAYONARA NIPPON! in 1995, he has directed a number of successful, big-budget blockbusters while also regularly returning to his roots as an independent filmmaker.

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