Nippon Online Award ¼

Nippon Online Award

As part of the virtual edition of Nippon Connection, the NIPPON ONLINE AWARD will be presented for the first time. The prize, a subtitling for the next film, is donated by Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA) from Tokyo. All feature-length films (60 minutes and longer) of the NIPPON VISIONS and NIPPON DOCS sections are eligible.

Decide who should receive the NIPPON ONLINE AWARD! After you have watched a film, you can vote. Simply click on the link at the program page of each film.

The winner of the 1st Nippon Online Award is An Ant Strikes Back by Tokachi TSUCHIYA!


Films in Competition

Ainu – Indigenous People Of Japan by Naomi MIZOGUCHI

An Ant Strikes Back by Tokachi TSUCHIYA

Beautiful, Goodbye by Eiichi IMAMURA

Book-Paper-Scissors by Nanako HIROSE

Extro by Naoki MURAHASHI

F Is For Future by Teppei ISOBE

Flowers And Rain by Takafumi TSUCHIYA

Forgiven Children by Eisuke NAITO

i -Documentary Of The Journalist- by Tatsuya MORI

Infinite Foundation by Akira OSAKI

Kinta And Ginji by Takuya DAIRIKI & Takashi MIURA

Listening To The Air by Haruka KOMORI

Me & My Brother's Mistress by Takashi HAGA & Sho SUZUKI

Minori, On The Brink by Ryutaro NINOMIYA

Mrs. Noisy by Chihiro AMANO

Prison Circle by Kaori SAKAGAMI

Shell And Joint by Isamu HIRABAYASHI

Sleeping Village by Reika KAMATA & Junichi SAITO

Tamaran Hill by Tadasuke KOTANI

This Planet Is Not My Planet by Miwa YOSHIMINE

Ts’onot / Cenote by Kaori ODA

What Can You Do About It? by Yoshifumi TSUBOTA

Yan by Keisuke IMAMURA

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