Female Futures ¼

Female Futures? –
New Visions Of Women In Japan

Since the turn of the millennium, the role of women in front of and behind the camera has become more differentiated in Japan. More than half of the young Japanese film talent is female. But will the young directors encounter an industry that promotes their careers and makes their attitudes visible? We are interested in what has changed in the industry and what forms of expression Japanese filmmakers use to encounter today’s gender relations in their society. With our focus on FEMALE FUTURES? we are therefore investigating the question of how the role of women in contemporary cinema will shape the images of women in the future.

The film program will be complemented by an online lecture on the role of women in Japanese film by Chantal Bertalanffy (University of Edinburgh) and a live streamed panel discussion with Japanese women directors, moderated by film critic and curator Maggie Lee.

The program focus FEMALE FUTURES? – NEW VISIONS OF WOMEN IN JAPAN is supported by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

Films and events:

Constant Metamorphosis – Independent Animated Shorts by Women

JVTA meets PIA Film Festival: Shorts

Nippon Visions: Shorts

100 Yen Love by Masaharu TAKE

Ainu – Indigenous People Of Japan by Naomi MIZOGUCHI

Book-Paper-Scissors by Nanako HIROSE

Ts’onot / Cenote by Kaori ODA

i -Documentary Of The Journalist- by Tatsuya MORI

Infinite Foundation by Akira OSAKI

Listening To The Air by Haruka KOMORI

Little Miss Period by Shunsuke SHINADA

Makuko by Keiko TSURUOKA

Me & My Brother's Mistress by Takashi HAGA, Sho SUZUKI

Minori, On The Brink by Ryutaro NINOMIYA

Miss Hokusai by Keiichi HARA

Mrs. Noisy by Chihiro AMANO

My Sweet Grappa Remedies by Akiko OKU

Prison Circle by Kaori SAKAGAMI

Shape Of Red by Yukiko MISHIMA

Tamaran Hill by Tadasuke KOTANI

The Journalist by Michihito FUJII

This Planet Is Not My Planet by Miwa YOSHIMINE

Under Your Bed by Mari ASATO

Lecture: Women In Contemporary Japanese Cinema

Panel discussion: Female Futures? – New Visions Of Women In Japan

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