Shunsuke SHINADA 品田俊介

Little Miss Period


Nippon Cinema   ª 

What if the period was a heart-shaped being named “Little Miss P” and literally visited every woman? Aoko is self-confident, works as the editor of a fashion magazine, and is dating an attractive widower. His daughter, however, refuses to accept her friendship, and the monthly visit of her “Little Miss P” doesn’t exactly make Aoko's busy days any easier. Why does life have to be so complicated? LITTLE MISS PERIOD is based on the award-winning manga of the same title by Ken KOYAMA, which has been running since 2017. His short stories about “Seirichan”, unbashful and entertaining, depict the life of young women in the company of their period, which appears as a necessary evil but also as an obtrusive friend.


Tue., June 09, 2020

Sun., June 14, 2020

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German premiere

Original with English subtitles

Territories: Worldwide except Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

Female Futures Comedy Drama Romance


Japan 2019

75 minutes

Shunsuke SHINADA

Shin AKAMATSU based on a manga by Ken KOYAMA



About Shunsuke SHINADA

Shunsuke SHINADA was born in Niigata Prefecture in 1980. He joined Fuji Television in 2005 and has directed numerous popular dramas like DEAR MAMA (2012), HEARTBROKEN CHOCOLATIER (2014), and LUPIN NO MUSUME (2019). SHINADA has also directed the web series SUMA DORA (2016) and SCUM’S WISH (2017) for Fuji Television On Demand. LITTLE MISS PERIOD (2019 / NC ’20) is his feature film debut.

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