Nippon Connection On Demand: Replay!

March 1 to 31, 2021 – Online

From March 1 to 31, 2021, we will show highlights of the Nippon Connection Film Festival 2020 online. Under the title Nippon Connection On Demand: Replay! eleven current Japanese feature films and documentaries will be shown for one month via video-on-demand throughout Germany.

The majority of the films are made by independent filmmakers. In times of closed cinemas and difficult conditions in the film industry, the Nippon Connection Festival aims to show support for filmmakers.

The films will be available until March 31, 2021 (Germany only). Each film costs 5 euros and can be viewed for 24 hours after payment.

Feature Films

Beautiful, Goodbye 

by Eiichi IMAMURA, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
Eiichi IMAMURA’s acclaimed debut feature is a melancholic and atmospheric road movie about a sensitive young man on the verge of a nervous breakdown and his female zombie companion.

Dancing Mary

by SABU, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
Civil servant Kenji has to organize the demolition of an old building which turns out to be a haunted house. Supported by a young woman who is a medium and grants him access to the world of spirits, he even travels to Taiwan to fulfill his mission. A lighthearted mix of comedy, ghost story and yakuza action from cult director SABU.

F Is For Future

by Teppei ISOBE, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
In Teppei ISOBE’s bittersweet feature-length debut, four friends are suddenly faced with the task of making their deceased friend’s porn collection disappear, and in the process learn more about love, death and themselves.

Forgiven Children

by Eisuke NAITO, J 2020, Original with English subtitles
Bullying turns into murder when Kira fatally shoots his classmate with a homemade crossbow. A gripping drama about guilt and atonement, in which the boundaries between the teenage perpetrators and victims become blurred.

Mrs. Noisy

by Chihiro AMANO, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
In order to overcome her writer’s block, a young female author immortalizes her annoying neighbor in a serialized novel, and thus misfortune takes its course. A socially critical comedy that will cause some nervous laughter.

Me & My Brother's Mistress

by Takashi HAGA and Sho SUZUKI, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
Yoko is determined to put an end to her (engaged!) brother’s affair. But contrary to expectations, she befriends the other woman, and soon the two have a plan. An award-winning tragicomedy with strong and complex female characters.

Shell And Joint

by Isamu HIRABAYASHI, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
In a collection of mostly surreal, often touching scenes, the reception staff of a capsule hotel, a beekeeper couple, various sauna guests and talking vermin philosophize about transience, sexuality and all kinds of secretions.


Ainu – Indigenous People Of Japan

by Naomi MIZOGUCHI, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
Documentary film director Naomi MIZOGUCHI devotes herself to a ethnic group that has received little media attention, even in Japan. Four fun-loving elderly women and men introduce the audience to the traditions, myths and recent history of the indigenous Ainu population in northern Japan.

An Ant Strikes Back

by Tokachi TSUCHIYA, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
In Tokachi TSUCHIYA’s award-winning documentary, a moving company employee joins a union and stands up for his rights for the first time in his life: a depressing yet hopeful glimpse into the Japanese working world.


by Nanako HIROSE, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
In her documentary, director Nanako HIROSE observes a designer of book covers at his craft and delves into the infinite visual possibilities of designing with Japanese characters.

Prison Circle

by Kaori SAKAGAMI, J 2019, Original with English subtitles
Director Kaori SAKAGAMI accompanies prison inmates during their group talk therapy. After years of waiting for permission to film, she succeeded in making a moving plea to break the cycle of violence and take resocialization seriously.

The project is supported by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.