Nippon Heimkino

Nippon Heimkino At Home

Nippon Connected   º 

with Jörg Buttgereit and Marcus Stiglegger

For our anniversary, we're not missing out on another “Heimkino” evening, and this time it’s one that lives up to its name: For the first time, you can make yourself comfortable on your couch at home and let author, filmmaker, and monster expert Jörg Buttgereit and film scholar Marcus Stiglegger navigate you through the depths of Japanese cinematic art – who, for their part, will do so from the comfort of their own homes as well. So sit back and enjoy a Japanese film gem from the 1960s with expert live commentary. Only this time, you’ll have to bring your own chips and warm beer!


Jörg Buttgereit, Marcus Stiglegger

Wed., June 10, 2020, 20:00

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Duration: approx. 2 h

Nippon Heimkino in German

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