Concert: Sawa Angstrom

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Sawa Angstrom – this is Jun, Satoshi and Marina from Kyoto. The three joined forces in 2017 and released their first single in 2018. In Europe, Australia and Taiwan, electro fans could already listen to their beats in scene clubs. With synthesizers, samplers, and vocals they create relaxed and sometimes melancholic electro sounds. Minimalism and improvisation are their motto. Whether in youth hostels, bars, or art galleries, the trio plays in the most diverse places and manages to make every performance a unique experience – often in collaboration with light setups by the SPEKTRA group. They are our guests via livestream from their recording studio in Kyoto.


Sawa Angstrom

Sat., June 13, 2020, 19:00

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Vimeo Livestream

Duration: approx. 2 h


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