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Tama Art University is one of the oldest art university in Japan and its Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts is the platform for films and stage plays.

Film director Shinya TSUKAMOTO has worked in 2011 to produce the film program, "Tama Film" of 19 short films. He has given the concept of "One-Man Army film making", to encourage each student to protect own ideas and freedom from any outside interference. All the students help each other to protect the freedom of each other. 4 of the films in this program are from the project (11. / FLAME OUT / MELTING RED /VIOLET). 11. Shows the memory of family images against the rough and tuff situation of the world. FLAME OUT shows the strong emotions of the human body with the images of the "figures of letters" peeling off from any "meanings". This film was shot with 8mm, 16mm, digital camera and mobile phone camera. It was the grand prize film in the Image Forum Festival 2012 in Tokyo. MELTING RED shows girl's complicated emotions against a girl friend with images of "Red". Ichiko FUNAI, director of VIOLET, is always a fashion designer and directing her fashion shows. The film is composed from the scenes of her biggest fashion show in the university and some more dramatic scenes. FUNAI has always designed the clothes with unique feature which she explains as "Gro-Cute". The film shows the main character "Violet" to stand on the edge, on the border of inside / outside.

From 2012, director Shinji AOYAMA has been working with students. He insists the importance of the screenplay and discussed repeatedly on students' drafts. From the program "Tama Film" with him for the first time in 2012, here's DASH, LOVE LETTERS which is only 10 minutes although most of the films for the year are around 40 minutes. This film is devoted to the pure action of the boys running after LOVE without any results.

One from the graduation works for this year from the department, animation film BOY AND BEAST portray the journey of a boy from depressed situation to the amazing encounter.

DON'T SEE, DON'T KNOW and HER BLINK, MY DAZZLE shows deep emotions with delicate film texture. DON'T SEE, DON'T KNOW, shot with 16mm, portray the emotion of an old man against the world, going back to his childhood. HER BLINK, MY DAZZLE, shot with 8mm film, is the emotion struggle to accept the death of a friend.

This program has one more films at the end. FILM STONE is directed by Yoi SUZUKI, a documentary of his own performance in which he recited his poem he engraved on the copperplate, holding 20 kilogram ball made of abandoned film footages melted with fire.

SUZUKI has been a main assistant for the class, with Ken OKUBO together with TSUKAMOTO and then with AOYAMA. He also has a workshop class for the students who want to learn making 8mm films.

The department in Tama Art University is one of a few places to encourage students to use 8mm or 16mm films. The program here is one to show the results of our ideas to use film and other materials together.


Thu., June 06 2013, 17:00

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NAXOS Cinema

In presence of Sora HOKIMOTO, Keisuke YAMAMOTO, Tomoyo TAKAHATA, Ayako SASAKI and Ken OKUBO

English TitleJapaneseDirectorsCountriesYearLanguageDurationPremiere
11.Sora HOKIMOTOJapan201211:11 Min.
Dash, Love LettersKeisuke YAMAMOTOJapan201310 Min.
Boy And BeastNaoya SASAKIJapan201320 Min.
Flame OutAya KAWAZOEJapan201210 Min.
Don't See, Don't KnowTomoyo TAKAHATAJapan201212 Min.
Melting RedAyaka NISHIUCHIJapan201212 Min.
Her Blink, My DizzinessAyako SASAKIJapan20127 Min.
VioletIchiko FUNAIJapan201210:16 Min.
Film StoneYoi SUZUKIJapan20138 Min.

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