Yoshiyuki KISHI 岸善幸

Wilderness (Part 1 & 2)

あゝ、荒野 (前篇・後篇)

Nippon Visions   ½ 

Tokyo in the year 2021: The city is rocked by protests, but Shinji and Kenji are preoccupied with their own issues surrounding their family histories. They befriend each other at their boxing gym, and decide to try and find new perspectives for their future. In his adaptation of Shuji TERAYAMA’s novel, Yoshiyuki KISHI unfolds an epic drama that was lauded by Japanese film critics and received numerous awards.

あゝ、荒野 (前篇・後篇)
Aa, koya (zempen • kohen)

Japan 2017

304 minutes

Yoshiyuki KISHI

Yoshiyuki KISHI, Takehiko MINATO based on a novel by Shuji TERAYAMA


About Yoshiyuki KISHI

Yoshiyuki KISHI, born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1964, studied at Waseda University. He has worked as a director of documentary films, screenwriter, and television producer for several decades. In 2016, he released his award-winning feature film debut A DOUBLE LIFE, which was screened at numerous international film festivals. Subsequently, WILDERNESS (2017 / NC ’18) won prizes at the Japan Academy Film Prize, the Asian Film Awards, and the Blue Ribbon Awards. (AB)NORMAL DESIRE (2023 / NC ’24) received multiple awards at the 2023 Tokyo International Film Festival.

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