Shinya TSUKAMOTO 塚本晋也

Nightmare Detective

Nippon Cinema   ª 

When several mysterious suicides take place, a female detective (played by the Japanese pop idol hitomi) becomes engrossed in the case. When she finds out that the key to the mystery is in the dreams of the victims, she comes into contact with the »Nightmare Detective«. But to penetrate someone´s dreams is to take grave personal risk...

About Shinya TSUKAMOTO

Born in Tokyo in 1960, Shinya TSUKAMOTO started making 8mm short films as a teenager. After studying oil painting he worked for an ad agency and founded his own theater company, from which he recruited cast and crew for his feature debut TETSUO: THE IRON MAN (1989 / see p. 33). Films like TOKYO FIST (1995 / see p. 33), A SNAKE OF JUNE (2002), VITAL (2004 / NC ‘05) or KOTOKO (2011 / NC ’12) were celebrated on the international festival circuit. TSUKAMOTO received the Mainichi Film Award as best director and best actor for his remake of FIRES ON THE PLAIN (2014 / NC ‘15). KILLING enjoyed its 2018 world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. In 2019, he was awarded the Nippon Honor Award.

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