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For Asakura, an uptight, hyper-square salesman, strict correctness is a maxim that is not to be broken. One day, three bank robbers are rushing into his car urging him to pursuit their fellow robber. But Asakura never drives over 40km/h speed limit, and so an incredible day starts for all of them.

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Japan 2001

102 minutes



Kazuhito SATO

About SABU

Hiroyuki TANAKA, better known as SABU, was born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1964. His directing debut D.A.N.G.A.N. RUNNER (1996) was shown at various international film festivals. Many awards and regular invitations to the Berlin International Film Festival followed, where he won the FIPRESCI Award in 2000 for MONDAY. Apart from working as a director, SABU is also active as an actor. Nippon Connection has already screened a number of his films, including HAPPINESS (2016 / NC ’17), JAM (2018 / NC ’19), and DANCING MARY (2019 / NC ’20).

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