Masashi YAMAMOTO 山本政志

Junk Food

Nippon Cinema   ª 

An old, blind woman wakes up by the ringing of her alarm clock, sacrifices at the altar, eats something and goes out into the street - a new day has dawned. The employee Miyuko wakes up somewhere next to a chance acquaintance, needs a shot, strangles the man and goes to the office. She is unfocused, talked her boss out of money and, while looking for a shot, gets caught by a violent dealer who leaves her maltreated. With difficulty, she returns home to her husband late at night. During the night, the plots of Hide, who has come to Tokyo for the funeral of his friend, the prostitute Myan, who spent the evening with Hide, the Pakistani Cawl, who has just killed two people, and Ryo, who is involved in a gang war, meet up, and together they bury Hide's friend at dawn before their paths part again. When her alarm clock rings, the old woman wakes up and begins her morning ritual - another day has begun. YAMAMOTO lets images of Tokyo and its people, for whom life as losers and outcasts can only be consumed as "junk food", restlessly clash.

About Masashi YAMAMOTO

Masashi YAMAMOTO, born in Oita Prefecture in 1956, started his 8mm film career after dropping out of university. His feature film debut, CARNIVAL IN THE NIGHT, was screened at Berlinale Forum in 1983. His follow-up ROBINSON’S GARDEN also was an international success and earned him the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award in 1987. With his “Cinema Impact” workshop, founded in 2012, YAMAMOTO has also been active as a producer.

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