Masaaki YUASA 湯浅政明

The Tatami Galaxy

Nippon Visions   ½ 

The creator of MIND GAME used the philosophical, yet humorous novel of Tomihiko MORIMI about a nameless university student struggling for love and happiness as an inspiration. His result is not only a narrative masterpiece but a truly astonishing feast of surrealist, wild imagery. THE TATAMI GALAXY was the first TV-series to be awarded with the Grand Prize of the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Japan 2010

Masaaki YUASA

Makoto UEDA based on a novel by Tomihiko MORIMI

Michiru OSHIMA

About Masaaki YUASA

Masaaki YUASA, born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1965, began his career at animation studio Ajiado Animation Works in 1987. He participated in several TV productions such as CRAYON SHIN-CHAN. His directorial debut MIND GAME (2004) and other works like THE TATAMI GALAXY (2010 / NC ’11) brought him worldwide recognition. In 2013, he founded his own studio Science SARU. Nippon Connection has shown several of his films, including KEMONOZUME (2006 / NC ’07), GENIUS PARTY (2007 / NC ’09), KICK-HEART (2013 / NC ’14), and LU OVER THE WALL (2017 / NC ’18).

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