Shinobu YAGUCHI 矢口史靖

Can't Stop The Dancing


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Office worker Shizuka pursues her profession with stoic seriousness – until she is hypnotized during a visit to a fair. From then on, whenever music is heard, she becomes a musical performer against her will. Searching for a way to break the spell, Shizuka embarks on a road trip full of hilarious situations and perfectly-timed musical interludes.

Dance With Me

Japan 2019

103 minutes

About Shinobu YAGUCHI

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1967, Shinobu YAGUCHI began shooting his first film on 8mm as a student at Tokyo Zokei University. In 1990, his short film THE RAIN WOMEN won the Grand Prize of the renowned PIA Film Festival. Through a scholarship, the festival enabled him to shoot his feature debut DOWN THE DRAIN (1993). With his comedies such as WATERBOYS (2001 / NC ’05), ROBO-G (2012 / NC ’14) and SURVIVAL FAMILY (2017 / NC ’17), he has also found international success.

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