Hiroshi ANDO

Moon And Thunder


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Yasuko, a young, single woman lives an ordinary life in a small town. Out of the blue, her stepbrother shows up at her place, and is soon followed by more members of Yasuko’s patchwork family. The emotional chaos that ensues forces Yasuko to revise her attitude towards life. Based on the novel by successful author Mitsuyo KAKUTA, Hiroshi ANDO’s film tells a sensitive story about the search for happiness.

Tsuki to kaminari

Japan 2017

120 minutes

Hiroshi ANDO

Yuka HONCHO based on a novel by Mitsuyo KAKUTA

Kazuhiro SUZUKI

About Hiroshi ANDO

Hiroshi ANDO was born in Tokyo in 1965 and began his career as an assistant director after studying at Waseda University. He made his directorial debut with the erotic film CHO ABNORMAL SEX: HENTAI (1993). Several of his following films, like BLUE (2002) and UNDULANT FEVER (2014), were screened at numerous international film festivals.

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