Katsuhide MOTOKI



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A young woman dies after she is hit by a tire flying off a truck. When the transport company is blamed for bad maintenance, its owner Akamatsu starts to investigate the manufacturer and soon starts to unravel a nationwide scandal. Powerful acting performances and Katsuhide MOTOKI’s skillful directing make RECALL much more thrilling than other, more conventional crime films.

Sora tobu taiya

Japan 2018

120 minutes

Katsuhide MOTOKI

Tamio HAYASHI based on a novel by Jun IKEIDO


About Katsuhide MOTOKI

Katsuhide MOTOKI, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1963, studied at Waseda University and in the United States. In 1987, he began working as an assistant director at Shochiku for Keisuke KINOSHITA and Hiroshi TESHIGAHARA, among others. He had his directorial debut in 1998 with TENAMONYA SHOSHA. His comedy SAMURAI HUSTLE received an award at the 2015 Japan Academy Awards. MOTOKI also works as a producer (e.g. GONIN).

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