Mipo O

Here Comes The Bride, My Mom!

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Tsukiko’s mother Yoko comes home drunk one night, with a much younger man, Kenji, in tow. The next morning Yoko declares she has accepted his wedding proposal and he is going to move in immediately. Just what has gotten into her mother to say yes to this absurd, blondish James Dean look-alike with the goofy smile? Tsukiko does not realize until later…

Japan 2010

110 minutes

Mipo O

Mipo O based on a novel by Tsukine SAKUNO


ji ma ma

About Mipo O

Mipo O was born as a third generation Korean­Japanese in Mie Prefecture in 1977. After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, she worked as a screenwriter for director Nobuhiko OBAYASHI. Her drama THE LIGHT SHINES ONLY THERE signalled a major breakthrough in her work, winning her prizes for Best Director at both the Yokohama and Montreal film festivals.

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