Nobuteru UCHIDA

Love Addiction

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Yukako is in a relationship with Shigehisa, who has an affair with Saeko, whom Noboru has been in love with for quite a while. Don’t get this wrong, what sounds like typical afternoon daily soap material, is in fact a small masterpiece of observation of human emotions and behavior. Brilliantly acted and directed with such ernesty and restraint, LOVE ADDICTION teaches us about the painful, addictive side of love, when it is not requited in equal amounts.

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Love Addiction (NC 2011)

Japan 2010

92 minutes

Nobuteru UCHIDA

Nobuteru UCHIDA

Nobuteru UCHIDA


About Nobuteru UCHIDA

Nobuteru UCHIDA earned much acclaim with his first feature film KAZAANA (2007), winning the Special Jury Prize at the 2008 Pia Film Festival and the Grand Prize at the Hiroshima Visual Exhibition, among others. LOVE ADDICTION is his second feature-length film and was awarded the Grand Prize at the Tokyo FilmEx Festival 2010.

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