Linda Hoaglund

ANPO: Art X War

Nippon Visions   ½ 

In 1960 Japan and the US signed the Mutual Security Treaty ANPO, allowing the enduring presence of US military in Japan. At that time, massive protests against the treaty were subdued by the CIA-backed Japanese Prime Minister. Linda Hoaglund portrays numerous Japanese artists and their depiction of this resistance in their works, many of them long time hidden from public view.

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ANPO: Art X War (NC 2011)

Japan 2010

89 minutes

Linda Hoaglund



Linda Hoaglund

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About Linda Hoaglund

US-based Linda Hoaglund was born and raised in Japan. She has subtitled over 140 films and produced numerous films, including 2007's WINGS OF DEFEAT (NC '08), a documentary about surviving World War II kamikaze pilots, for which she also wrote the screenplay.

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