Nippon Visions   ½ 

It took Keita KUROSAKA ten years to finish his new hand-drawn masterpiece MIDORI-KO. The result of his passionate work is a surrealistic parable, situated in a rough-textured black and white world of omnipresent hunger. A young academic defends a supernatural vegetable creature against ravenous inhabitants of a small village and a group of fanatic scientists.

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Midori-ko (NC 2011)

Japan 2010

56 minutes

Mistral Japan

World sales
Mistral Japan

Voice acting
Suzuki SAYAKA, Rina YUKI, Chicapan

About Keita KUROSAKA

Keita KUROSAKA, born in 1956, is a professor at Tokyo Musashino Art University. He experiments with numerous forms of animation and has created internationally successful video clips, short films, installations and comics.

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