Takashi MAKINO 牧野貴

Still In Cosmos

Nippon Visions   ½ 

Originally intended as an installation project, STILL IN COSMOS can now be experienced in cinema. There its perfectly arranged images together with the most impressive score of
Jim O’Rourke and the free jazz band Osorezan unfold an unavoidable, confronting intensity.

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Japan 2009

17 minutes

Takashi MAKINO

Takashi MAKINO


Takashi MAKINO

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Takashi MAKINO

About Takashi MAKINO

Takashi MAKINO, born in Tokyo in 1978, is a Japanese experimental filmmaker whose works were already awarded at renowned international festivals in Rotterdam, New York, and Vienna. After studying at the Nihon University College of Art in the Department of Cinema, he worked in London at the Quay Brothers’ studio in 2001 and then as a freelance film colorist until 2011. Currently, he is living and working in Yokohama. MAKINO collaborates with a large number of musicians, including Jim O’Rourke, Simon Fisher Turner and Yoshihide OTOMO. His films CINÉMA CONCRET and ACTION DIRECT were shown at the 2016 NIPPON CONNECTION Film Festival.

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