Aaron McCann

Dominic Pearce

Top Knot Detective

Nippon Visions   ½ 

TOP KNOT DETECTIVE reveals the story of the eponymous television series from the 90’s, whose enigmatic creator Takashi TAKAMOTO also starred as the main character. Absurd storylines about samurai, robots, time travel, and aliens, plus never-ending scandals behind the scenes gave the show a cult following. But what led to its discontinuation after only two seasons? This mockumentary is a crazy mashup of crude samurai action with lots of practical effects and bizarre “archive footage,” but also a lovingly assembled homage to b-movie-aesthetics.

About Aaron McCann

Ireland-born Aaron McCann is part of the Australian comedy duo Henry & Aaron, whose works include the viral vireo IT’S A SNAP. Since 2001, he has been involved in large numbers of film and music video productions. TOP KNOT DETECTIVE is the first feature film produced for the Australian TV station SBS2.

About Dominic Pearce

Dominic Peace was born in Australia and grew up in Singapore. He has won numerous accolades as a director and film editor. He founded the independent production company Blue Forest Media and is involved in many film-related fields. TOP KNOT DETECTIVE is his first feature film.

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