Koji YAKUSHO, born in 1956 in Isahaya, had his international breakthrough as an actor in 1997 with SHALL WE DANCE? by Masayuki SUO. He received his first Japanese Academy Award in 1989 for UNDER AURORA, followed by international awards for THE CURE, PARADISE LOST and THE EEL. For TOAD'S OIL he stood behind the camera himself for the first time. In 2017, he was awarded the Nippon Honor Award.

Winner of the Nippon Honor Award 2017

Films shown at Nippon Connection

PERFECT DAYS, Japan 2023 (Cast) NC24
Totto-Chan: The Little Girl At The Window, Japan 2023 (Voice acting) NC24
Belle, Japan 2021 (Voice acting) NC22
Eureka, Japan 2000 (Cast) NC22
Under The Open Sky, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC21
The Blood Of Wolves, Japan 2018 (Cast) NC18
The Boy And The Beast, Japan 2015 (Voice acting) NC18
Oh Lucy!, Japan, USA 2017 (Cast) NC18
The Third Murder, Japan 2017 (Cast) NC18
The Emperor In August, Japan 2015 (Cast) NC17
Tampopo, Japan 1985 (Cast) NC17
Cure, Japan 1997 (Cast) NC16
Tokyo Sonata, Japan 2008 (Cast) NC16
The World Of Kanako, Japan 2014 (Cast) NC15
Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai, Japan, UK 2011 (Cast) NC12
The Woodsman And The Rain, Japan 2011 (Cast) NC12
Toad's Oil, Japan 2009 (Cast) NC10
Toad's Oil, Japan 2009 (Director) NC10
University Of Laughs, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC06
Fireflies: River Of Light, Japan 2003 (Cast) NC04
Bounce Ko Gals (Leaving), Japan 1997 (Cast) NC00

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