Films shown at Nippon Connection

The Mole Song: Final, Japan 2021 (Music) NC22
Her Granddaughter, Japan 2015 (Music) NC15
Over Your Dead Body, Japan 2014 (Music) NC15
Lesson Of The Evil, Japan 2012 (Music) NC14
Osaka Hamlet, Japan 2008 (Music) NC09
Love On Sunday, Japan 2006 (Music) NC07
Tales Of Terror – The Haunted Apartments, Japan 2005 (Music) NC06
Tokyo Noir, Japan 2004 (Music) NC05
Happiness Of The Katakuris, Japan 2001 (Music) NC03
The City Of Lost Souls, Japan 2000 (Music) NC02
Scoutman, Japan 2000 (Music) NC02

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