Yoshihide OTOMO

Films shown at Nippon Connection

HOYAMAN, Japan 2023 (Music) NC24
The Zen Diary, Japan 2022 (Music) NC23
We Made A Beautiful Bouquet, Japan 2020 (Music) NC22
Inu-Oh, Japan, PRC 2021 (Music) NC22
Backlight, Japan 2021 (Music) NC22
Canary, Japan 2004 (Music) NC22
Kaza-Hana, Japan 2000 (Music) NC15
Yellow Elephant, Japan 2013 (Music) NC13
Abraxas, Japan 2010 (Music) NC11
Bare Essence Of Life, Japan 2009 (Music) NC10
Oh, My Buddha!, Japan 2008 (Music) NC10
The Prisoner, Japan 2006 (Music) NC07

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