Films shown at Nippon Connection

One Night, Japan 2019 (Cinematography) NC21
The Promised Land, Japan 2019 (Cinematography) NC21
The Chrysanthemum And The Guillotine, Japan 2018 (Cinematography) NC19
Hibana, Japan 2016 (Cinematography) NC16
Her Granddaughter, Japan 2015 (Cinematography) NC15
Kabukicho Love Hotel, Japan 2015 (Cinematography) NC15
Crying 100 Times - Every Raindrop Falls, Japan 2013 (Cinematography) NC14
Fukushima - A Town Of Love And Hope, Japan 2013 (Cinematography) NC14
A Woman And War, Japan 2012 (Cinematography) NC14
Eden, Japan 2012 (Cinematography) NC13
Yellow Elephant, Japan 2013 (Cinematography) NC13
The Egoists, Japan 2011 (Cinematography) NC12
Heaven's Story, Japan 2010 (Cinematography) NC11
Lazarus – The House Of The Rising Sun, Japan 2007 (Cinematography) NC08
Tokyo Noir, Japan 2004 (Cinematography) NC05
Little Wing, Japan 2004 (Cinematography) NC05
Scoutman, Japan 2000 (Cinematography) NC02

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