A Silent Voice

映画 聲の形

Nippon Animation   ³ 

Bored elementary student Shoya finds a new target when a deaf girl, Shoko, joins his school in the middle of the term. Several years after his bullying forced Shoko to leave school, the two meet again and Shoya embraces this sudden chance for atonement. In her third animated feature, Naoko YAMADA tells a moving story, revolving around sensitive topics such as school bullying and disability.

映画 聲の形
Eiga koe no katachi

Japan 2016

129 minutes


Reiko YOSHIDA based on a manga by Yoshitoki OIMA

About Naoko YAMADA

Naoko YAMADA studied the art of oil painting at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. In 2004 she started working as an animator for Kyoto Animation. After directing several episodes of the anime series CLANNAD (2008) YAMADA made her chief directorial debut with the anime series K-ON! in 2009. Its international success led to many more projects and the two feature films K-ON! THE MOVIE (2011) and TAMAKO LOVE STORY (2014). Her biggest commercial success was the feature film A SILENT VOICE (2016 / NC ‘17), which won the Mainichi Film Award for Best Animation and was nominated for the Japanese Academy Award for Best Animation of the Year.

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