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Films shown at Nippon Connection

Ein Sommer mit Coo, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC20
The Piano Forest, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC20
Yoyo & Nene – Die Magischen Schwestern, Japan 2013 (Distribution) NC20
Mirai, Japan 2018 (Distribution) NC19
Okko's Inn, Japan 2018 (Distribution) NC19
Penguin Highway, Japan 2018 (Distribution) NC19
Lu Over the Wall, Japan 2017 (Distribution) NC18
The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, Japan 2017 (Distribution) NC18
I Am A Hero, Japan 2016 (Distribution) NC17
A Silent Voice, Japan 2016 (Distribution) NC17
Death Note - Light Up The New World, Japan 2016 (World sales) NC17
Cure, Japan 1997 (Distribution) NC16
The Empire Of Corpses, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC16
Harmony, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC16
Miss Hokusai, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC16
Parasyte: Part 1, Japan 2014 (Distribution) NC15
Parasyte: Part 2, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC15
Psycho-Pass: The Movie, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC15
Patema Inverted, Japan 2013 (World sales) NC14
Wolf Children, Japan 2012 (Distribution) NC13
Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, Japan 2011 (Distribution) NC12

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