Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)

Films shown at Nippon Connection

We Made A Beautiful Bouquet, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC22
Let's Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls To U.S. Champions?!, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC17
Flying Colors, Japan 2015 (World sales) NC16
Her Granddaughter, Japan 2015 (World sales) NC15
Kesennuma, Voices. 3, Japan 2014 (World sales) NC14
Rinco's Restaurant, Japan 2010 (Production) NC11
Sawako Decides, Japan 2009 (Production) NC10
Crows Zero II, Japan 2009 (World sales) NC10
Nada Sou Sou – Tears For You, Japan 2006 (World sales) NC08
Love On Sunday, Japan 2006 (World sales) NC07
Tales Of Terror – The Haunted Apartments, Japan 2005 (World sales) NC06
A Stranger Of Mine, Japan 2004 (World sales) NC06
Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World, Japan 2004 (Production) NC05

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